Refusing to Settle

I have apparently abandoned this blog. However, in deed only, not in spirit. I think about this place, sometimes. About all my thoughts colliding and conglomerating here over the past year or so. About how much I have changed since I first opened its pages. I miss writing; I miss the incessant need to write, write, write. I still have the desire, somewhere within my fingertips, but it doesn’t spill over as much as I would like it to.

I’ve been busy trying to stay alive, to stay fully afloat, breathing in the air. Various obstructions and darknesses try to drag me down, submerge me underwater for a while, but I’ve been effectively resisting, thus far. And I feel myself growing ever stronger each day, even if it’s only in small increments, small little spurts of growth and understanding. At least I’m heading in the right direction – at least I’m maintaining all that I have gained, and pursuing all that I continue to want for my life. I keep reminding myself that I haven’t come this far just to settle. I didn’t throw away the chains only to replace them with ropes. I rejected mediocrity, and I pursued outstanding, and I should settle for nothing less than amazing.