Welcoming the New Year

The New Year was hailed with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Grammar modules, and a couple movies at the picture theater. 🙂 Overall, a good choice.

I was excited to bring in the new year with a new educational pursuit, the TEFL certification. By April 2009, I will be certified to teach English as a Foreign Language (and therefore trained to take working abroad positions, or certain other ESL jobs). It’s exciting to think about all there is to learn in this world, and how many more years I (hopefully) have to expand my knowledge and abilities.

I have also been scouring one of my Christmas presents, Poet’s Market 2009, and making a list of all the awards and contests I want to submit my writing to. I figure it’s about time I start to put myself out there, and make a name for myself. I was starting to get an online following, and then sort of let it go. However, I want to put effort back into my poetry and prose, and pursue the dreams that truly matter to me.

I received a letter of receipt from Harlequin, Mills, & Boon, which was very… anxiety-producing, since at first I thought it was a rejection letter. So… it’s good that it’s not! Haha. They gave me a reference number, and thanked me for submitting “Keeping Pace” which was pretty nice to see the title of my book on a letter with a Harlequin letterhead. 🙂 Guess I’ll just keep editing and working, working for the Dream.

Overall, things are changing. They’re shifting and altering, and I’m ready for the turning point. I can sense something around the corner; something exciting and a little crazy, and something that I want very much.  I’m ready to choose an opportunity, and continue this process of unfolding, and Living.

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