Random, and basically pointless.

For some reason, I had plenty of things I wanted to say yesterday, but not so much today. Hm. Guess that’s not really conducive to posting a new blog entry.

First of all, I’m back in the theater. I auditioned for a role in Alan Ayckbourn’s play, Woman In Mind. It’s being directed by Matt Carr, who is someone I truly respect and have always wanted to work with, as an actor. The best part is I landed the role I really wanted to get – the part of Muriel, the older, snippy (okay bitchy), somewhat deranged sister-in-law. So I’m really excited about the whole thing. It already feels great to be involved in the theater again.

I’ve also had existential crisis after existential crisis. I think I’ve calmed down a little, but I’m truly starting to grasp what Mr. Robbins meant when he warns his classes “Don’t start to think – it’ll ruin your life.”

Yes yes. Other than that… I’m just editing my historical romance like crazy, getting it primed for beauteous publication…!! I suppose I should start querying publishers….