Aer Lingus: Flying home

I am currently on the flight home from Shannon to Boston, and will be arriving in another seven hours or so. Hopefully Momma will be there at the airport waiting for me.

I can barely comprehend that it’s over. Kara and I lay in our beds last night, talking through the magic light and the darkness about all the things that we’ll miss.

Some things we’ll miss:

1.    Playing UNO
2.    Tea
3.    Irish accents
4.    Sheeps and coos in the road
5.    Twingo. Oh, dear Twingo.
6.    Rolling hills & never-ending green
7.    Beef & Guinness Pie
8.    Rainbows
9.    Pubs
10.    Bulmers
11.    Taking advice from locals
12.    Hitting my head (okay, I won’t miss that!)
13.    The road map of Ireland
14.    Bread & Nutella
15.    Irish Pub Songs, especially I’ll Tell Me Ma
16.    Dancing
17.    Flanagan’s Hostel in Doolin
18.    John O’Donohue
19.    Kindness from strangers
20.    Magic

We probably had about 80 more items on that list by the time the night was over, and it was a wonderful way to recap our time together. I loved my dear friend so much in that moment – knowing how far we’ve come on this trip, and the things we’ve gone through together.

We both woke up this morning around 3 or 4 while she was preparing to leave, and said our goodbyes. I wanted to hug her and not let go, and stay traveling forever. It’s been such an incredible journey. It hasn’t all been easy, but we worked together wonderfully, and we made it all happen without too many bumps or bruises.

If I had possessed even the smallest reason to remain in Ireland, I would have done it. I had already considered what I would need to do to get a refund on my ticket. However, there is simply no rational reason (at the moment) to stay, so I am returning home to spend some time with my family, and get back to work earning some money. Work. ::sigh::  ☺ So much to do.