On the Shannon Ferry

I’m trying to act like I don’t care whether or not Porry is in Doolin or not, but I care so much it’s silly. Currently, Kara and I are waiting in the car for the Shannon Ferry to arrive and take us across the water, which drops us off again in County Clare, about a half-our outside of Kilkee. From there, the plan is to drive up to Doolin and spend the night, since it’s somewhere we feel safe, and have nice memories. But I’m not going to lie – I will be terribly sad, perhaps even devastated, if Porry is not there when we arrive. We went there this past Monday in hopes that we could spend the night playing cards and making dinner with him, but alas, he was running around County Kerry in his motorcycle. We understood this, and went away, but we’re hoping and praying that he’s there when we arrive today. I’ve called twice, but only got the message machine for Flanagan’s Hostel, so no such luck trying to figure out whether our dear Porry will be there.

UPDATE: Just spoke to Mr. Flanagam himself. Porry will NOT be there this evening, which is basically devastating, but alas, we’re still heading that way. It’s going to be sad to be there without him, though.

I spoke to Mr. Flanagan last week about perhaps coming back sometime and earning my keep. Especially if I get a job teaching, it would work out well for me to come over here in the summer and work at the hostel in return for a bed. I could stay in the hostel, right in County Clare, and write my heart away. So that’s certainly something I am considering.

I am also considering all the possibilities involved with Ireland. ☺

And boo to boys who don’t use the Internet and therefore don’t send emails and therefore we can’t come see them!