Beara Peninsula: randomness & remembering

I’m not the best updater. I’m trying to update as much as possible, especially so I can keep all these wonderful moments in my mind forever, but I simply find it ridiculously boring to repeat the things that have already happened, no matter how fascinating they are.

The past couple days have been downers, but that’s mainly because this past weekend was so amazing. I’m still in awe of this past weekend – I think those days might have been some of the best of my entire life. Yet the decrescendo after them is threatening to be the death of both of us, for there is so much to think about, and yet everything seems less alive because of the unbelievable highs of the weekend.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot about Ireland. I know that I am in love. I have never been anywhere that has captivated me this much – and that’s saying a lot after all my travels this past year. I am absolutely in love with Ireland, and it’s going to be hard to leave this place.

It’s crazy how certain experiences have the potential to absolutely and completely change ones life. There have been a few moments in the past week that certainly were palpable enough to vibrate the present straight into the future. I found myself dreaming things I thought I had given up, and coming alive in ways I thought I never would. It’s almost scary how the slightest breath can change the direction of your life.

Monday night was Limerick. We spent a little time in town that night, had a drink at the pub, and then headed back to our wonderful HOTEL room – with its fluffy comforters and our own shower and towels and yummmmm. It was absolutely worth the extra money. The next morning, we headed off to the Angela’s Ashes tour in downtown Limerick, but it had been canceled due to poor weather. We’re hoping to catch it next Monday, when we head back to Limerick for our last night. So instead we shopped a little, and then headed out to Cork. Cork was basically a waste of time, for we stayed in a dingy little hostel in the city, where we were not in the mood to deal with it, woke up, went to the English Market, and then headed out. I’m sure we could have decided on doing something better, but alas. Today we drove from Cork over to the Beara Peninsula, where we drove the entire length of the coast road and ended up in another less-than-fantastic hostel. I really think Kara and I need some good things to happen to us, because we’re currently tired and frustrated and freezing and hopeful and annoyed and confused.

A few things that have minutely redeemed this day for us:

1.    Rainbows rainbows rainbows! I’ve never seen so many rainbows in my life.
2.    Random little store/café on a road we accidentally traveled down and proceeded to have tea and brown bread with butter
3.    The guinea pigs in their own little peninsula outside our cabin
4.    The big-ass pig sitting in his stall who snorts at us as we walk by.