Dublin: Dreams & Deliberations

Tonight is definitely one of those nights when the only place I want to be is: HOME. It’s just been a really long day, and Kara and I are back to having absolutely nothing planned. So we’re left to stumble into random, smelly hostels and try to find a place to stay. I definitely had these days while on my Americana trip, as well, and they were never fun. Those were the days I ended up being hungry and tired and sleeping in my car. Here, however, in another country, and with another person, it’s a different story.

Yet here we are, at Paddy Wagon Hostel, in Dublin, Ireland. I may be hungry and tired, but at least I’m clean and safe. Of course, all I wanted was a hot shower, but instead I got the type of shower that you have to press down on a button for water to run, so it’s more of a battle of wit and skill rather than a relaxing time to unwind.

And I miss Bill and Katie- I’m not going to lie. I even miss our sketchy little cabin in the woods, because we were all together, and we were happy. I don’t know whether I have ever known such camaraderie and kindness.

I guess now all I really want is a week straight in a lovely cottage in County Clare. For some reason, Kara gets really annoyed when I mention John O’Donohue, but I have to admit, he is definitely one of the reasons I am still believing in anything beautiful in this world. And the thought of being in the land he loved… it means the world to me. If I really get to visit his grave site (we found the location), I will be beyond honored. However, simply to be in County Clare and West Ireland – it will mean so very much to me, and I am anxious to be on its soil. A place that cultivated such a soul, heart, and mind as that man – is undoubtedly a place of palpable power and purity.

Even though he has passed, the fact that John O’Donohue even lived gives me hope. The idea that there are people out there who understand and revere the concepts I have secretly clung to – is so beautiful to me. To find someone, perhaps one day – even one person – who can speak of the landscape and the language of a place, and pull poetry out of the earth – oh… it makes the trek worth trekking.

I can’t imagine returning home. It’s very hard for me to accept, even while simultaneously I am eager for it. It is quite the contradiction.

And I miss love. At the same time, I am terrified and desensitized by it.  I suppose it is O’Donohue’s talk of the ‘anam cara’ that calls to me – that person whose presence in one’s life breaks boundaries and conventions, and transcends this world. I know it is possible – and I have certainly tasted it briefly before; however, in a world so numb and devoid of passion, it is hard to still believe in.

Writing this has made me feel a bit better. Perhaps I can sleep now. I will talk to God for a while, since I have been very silent with Him this past month. And then I will clutch Panda to my side and fall into the world of recovery and Dreams.


  1. Rick said,

    September 24, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    Hey stranger,
    Sorry I haven’t gotten on here but here I am, writing from work on my half. Sounds like the journey is getting looooong for ya though. 😦 I hope that things pick up and you have some crazy misadventured before heading back to the states.

    But don’t give up on speaking up about your love of Mr. Donohue! He is like your Buddha or Gandhi. A living (or once was) representation of the things you hold dearest to your heart. Love exists in the world, I believe it to. I just am sad that events have desensitized you. I personally am terrified of it, probably won’t say it to someone again for a long time. But I believe in it, very much so. Life just throws crap at you to keep you from it. Much like a game of Donkey Kong, where you run up ladders and slopes…but a damn giant ape of pure madness just keeps throwing barrels at you. And the closer you get, the harder it is to avoid those damn barrels. And then…there are those little fire guys!

    Jesus. Don’t get me started on them.


    But yes. I need to read up on your travels again, I see. At least you write in a way where I can get sucked in. One day, I’ll write in one of your books: “Kara Emily is a good read on those long nights where you just are cuddled up in blankets with a warm cup of cocoa.”


  2. Lindaa said,

    September 25, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    Hi, I’m Lindaa, John O’Donohue’s business manager. I saw your post and thought that the info below might come in handy.

    If you’d like to keep up on thoughts, memories, and other blessings arising from the life of John O’Donohue, you can visit the blogspot: http://jodonohue.blogspot.com/

    love & blessings,

    Creggagh Cemetery

    The church where John’s funeral took place is in Fanore, about 12 miles from Ballyvaughan on the coast road south. During winter months it is likely only to be open at weekends for Mass.

    John is buried in Creggagh graveyard, about two miles further south along the coast road, just beyond O’Donoghue’s pub on the left hand side of the road.

    All of John’s friends hope that visitors will treat the site and other visitors they may encounter there, with gentleness and respect.

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