New Orleans, LA … to Fredericksburg, TX

It’s been far too long. And I apologize for that!

I’ve been MIA from a lot of people’s lives lately, and I’m not really sure why. I’ve barely spoken to anyone on the phone, I barely go on Writerscafe, and I get messages from people asking me if I’m okay. So I want to assure everyone that I’m fine.

This past week was spent in New Orleans, which was fantastic. As I told Kara S. on the phone today, it was truly the way it is represented. Sometimes you go to a place, and it’s nothing like the way you expect it. New Orleans, however, was just what I anticipated, and more. And the heat was ridiculously unbearable – the humidity was enough to evaporate you. Regardless, I loved the energy in the air, and the beautiful, eerie Lafayette Cemetery, the three dollar strawberry daiquiris, the powder-covered beignets, and the never-ending opportunities to meet fascinating people.

I’m a dork, and I’ll admit that my favorite part of New Orleans was the Audubon Zoo, where Mom and I spent over four hours in the debilitating heat walking around talking to the animals and taking pictures. I suppose I’m making up for my lack of zoo experiences as child, or perhaps subconsciously I am attempting to fulfill some deep need of my child-self to return to a place of hope and innocence, predominately because my last family vacation before my parents divorced was when I was six, and we went to the Washington D.C. Zoo.

Or, I like the animals. šŸ™‚

Panda got a new friend (minion) out of the deal, and I also added a new animal to the family – a really chubby, ridiculous-looking alligator.

Of course, the only one who made it into the hotel room tonight was Panda herself.

Tonight, Mom and I find ourselves in the little, slightly odd town of Fredericksburg, Texas. I drove for about 8 hours today, and I’m tired, but I wanted to make sure I keep up with these entries… that I continue to write, for I realize it is something I must do. In order to remain true to myself, and in order to share myself… with you. I appreciate the incredible feedback I get from you all; it motivates me, not only to continue this journey as a person, but as a writer, as well.

So here we are, in this little German town in Texas. It has been an interesting day. And now we find ourselves in a strange little bed and breakfast house that’s somehow part of the Econo Lodge across the street… I’m not trying to figure it out. All I know is that I drove for about forty minutes off the main road through empty highway to reach this place… and it’s dark outside. And there’s armadillos. And, apparently, rattlesnakes, as Joshua was so kind to inform me… even though he didn’t feel the need to respond to any of my texts so that we could celebrate my arrival to his great state…

But I’m not bitter. I’m fine with it. He can do whatever he wants. I don’t care if I see him at all, really.

Stupid Joshua.


Hm. As I was writing that, I got a text from Joshua that informed me that he hates me because I’m the name-caller. So I guess I should take the “stupid joshua” part back.

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