heart full of holes

” It’s a wonder to me –
I still don’t understand
why I ever survived to be old
with a heart full of holes
A heart full of holes
A heart full of holes”

– Mark Knopfler

Is Mark Knopfler a genius? Basically. And his music makes my heart go thump-thump, so slow and peaceful I could cry.

There’s another one of his songs, “Baloney Again”, that slays me every time I hear it:

“Go under the willow
Park her up beside the stream
Shoulders for pillows
Lay down your head and dream”

And it’s not just the lyrics – it’s the way he plays, the way he sings- as though there are cobwebs laced with dreams on his fingertips, and cotton-honey melodies in his mouth.

Random, yes, but it’s two in the morning and I can’t help myself.

Heart full of holes, eh? Like a sieve, slowly leaking love. Constantly being filled back up, by the self, by others, by the world… but constantly losing love by the second. I suppose if one carefully and honestly walks the earth, though, the love will merely sink into the soil and be redistributed to the world.

So a heart full of holes may not be that dreadful a case, after all.

Perhaps it would simply make us part of the process.

” All my yesterdays broken
a watch with no face
all battered and old
Bits of the movement
all over the place
and a heart full of holes
A heart full of holes
A heart full of holes”