Savannah, GA – Part 1

There really is no concrete way for me to explain the past few days. They were filled with drunkenness, debauchery, and pieces of disillusionment.

I’m currently in North Carolina, not completely sure how I ended up here. All I know is that it was a desperate attempt to get out of Dodge (in this case, Savannah).

So I suppose I owe my avid readers some sort of explanation.

… And it is at this point that I sincerely wish I hadn’t given the link to my blog out to every person I know. Haha. But honesty doesn’t hurt (too much) now, does it?

I moved on from Hilton Head, feeling a bit displaced, aware that the Island lifestyle was definitely not for me. So I tossed the proverbial coin in the air, and let it fall where it may. What I really wanted to do was drive back to North Carolina, see Corey, and start over. But I knew that would only be taking a step backwards, so the other half of me wanted to move on to the next leg of my journey. The coin I tossed was in the form of a phone call to a 22-year-old girl named Tess. Tess had recently moved back from Louisiana to Savannah, and was hosting couchsurfers. She picked up the phone, was extremely laid back and cool, and was basically like “get in your car. you can be here in an hour.” So that’s what I did.

And that is how I ended up in Savannah, Georgia for the next couple nights.

I pulled up to a cute little green house, with a cat that looked like my Spaz chilling on the porch railing. When Tess answered the door, I was stunned to find her even more lovely than in her pictures. She was slight in stature, but with a woman’s curves. She looked at the world with her large, puppy-dog eyes that held layers of hazel, green, brown… I couldn’t figure them out, but they represented her well – a layered young woman, with spirit, passion, and playfulness. A woman with a zest for life, and yet a profound spirit beneath her cheerful smiles.

Of course, I didn’t figure all this out right when she opened the door, but I was relieved to feel comfortable in her presence. Such comfort was a necessity, for as soon as I arrived, we hopped in her car and drove to the Golden Corral, where we were meeting basically her entire family for dinner. The trick was – she didn’t want them all to know about her couchsurfing forays, so we had to pretend that we were long-lost friends, which of course I got a kick out of. Her family was, overall, an entertaining bunch. Her father was an oddball, but I was warned of this prior, her uncle was delightful (and I always have a basement in Chicago to live in now, if need be, haha) and luckily the “kids” and the adults split up, so I was sitting with Tess, her sister Amber, and her brother, Scott (I believe).

And I got a free meal out of the deal.

That night involved picking up Tess’ friend, Felicia, and then picking up Angelo, a 21-year-old from Switzerland, who was traveling down from Canada to Florida, where he would be flying back home. He was also couchsurfing at Tess’ that evening. From there, we went to the liquor store, since Felicia was feeling a bit down, and picked up a very large, very (as in, extremely) phallic, bottle of tequila. We proceeded to return to Tess’ apartment with her two dogs, her four cats, two birds, and something in a tank with a heat lamp, and drank ourselves silly. I have certainly never ingested that much alcohol in my life… or that much lemon and/or salt.

Fell asleep in Tess’ bed, with her and Angelo. I could have slept in one of the two twin beds in the guest room, but Tess wanted to cuddle… so there it was.

Already I was so far out of my element, I wondered who I was and what I was doing.

To Be Continued…