Oh baby, oh baby.

There is something simply… magical, about holding a baby.

I have had more contact with babies in the past couple months than I have had in my entire life. First, there’s Trygg, Annette’s baby boy, who is only a couple months old. Then there is Caitlin, Jeanmarie’s 5-month old baby girl. Finally, there is Gabriella, Corey and Laura’s girl who is also 5 months old. Between the three of these adorable bundles of sweetness, my heart has been overwhelmed to the point of bursting.

I was just upstairs with Corey in Gabby’s room, trying to feed her, then rock her to sleep. The music was wafting and the turtle lights were shining, but she would have none of it, probably because I’m a new person with new scents and new smiles. She kept reaching her chubby hands up to touch my face, too curious to relax herself enough to sleep. And it’s those miraculous moments like that which just capture my heart and make me dizzy.

They are these little creatures…. full of curiosity, with smiles and giggles and ridiculous amounts of adorableness. They completely change people’s worlds, and reorganize their priorities in ways nothing else can. What was once all-important is suddenly meaningless, and time becomes a brand new entity, completely enveloped by caring for this beautiful little creature who trusts you completely and implicitly. I find that beautiful and overwhelming at the same time.

I’m sure this has been a great way to begin my trip, spending all this time in households with new babies. I can not only appreciate life in a new light, but also my freedom. There is nothing that ties you to one place and one person as a child does, but there is also nothing more re-awakening and breath-taking. I can now continue on my journey with my eyes a little wider, and my heart a little more curious to explore.

a friendship filled with daisies

I think of you with the same fragrance
as saffron-tinted sunshine
and forgotten daisy dreams.

When breathing has lost its benefits
and my path has been covered
with petals

I think of you.

Recalling the way
our minds collide
(the gentle way) you confide
in me

How your voice becomes a breeze
as you delve -delicately-
into the sections of your soul

time has slowly

yet as your ethereal eyes meet mine
you place these pieces to my palm
and I am allowed a glimpse at

your hidden beauty.

You are lovely; of this the world is well aware;
I want to scoff at them
for thinking they have ever even glimpsed you.

for tucked inside the folds of your heart
are pieces of well-worn art
-which untrained eyes will never see-


I am honored that you share
your hidden canvases
with me.

Blackwolf Run Lane, NC

I woke up this morning (okay… early afternoon) and took a walk through the paths behinds Corey and Laura’s condominium. I’m so glad I did… it was just delightful. Yes, delightful.

It took me about 30 minutes to walk the first half mile, since approximately every ten feet I felt the need to traipse through the grass and practically fall into the swamp trying to get pictures of every little chirp and breeze. My efforts, however, paid off, since I’m in love with some of the pictures I was able to capture.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way a day can be made complete with the capturing of at least one transcendent picture 🙂

My most ridiculous moment of the day definitely goes to midway through my walk, when I was snapping photos, and heard a rustling in the woods. I stopped, listened, and there it was: a loud rustling, definitely a large creature of some sort. I became slightly concerned for my safety, and considered hurrying along. At the same time, I was intrigued, and readied my camera. The rustling got louder and louder, and the anticipation was almost too much. I prepared for either a great picture or my imminent death. This is what I got:

Yes, it was a turtle.

Yes, I felt the fool.

But I swear, that little sucker sounded like a bear.

Anyway, I followed random paths through the woods, and was rewarded with beautiful gifts. 🙂

The rest of the day consisted of P.F. Chang’s with the neighbors, who are the kindest people, and a bit of shopping (where I discovered I have not outgrown my dress addiction). Later on, Corey and I went grocery/gift shopping at Walmart, where I attempted to drive him crazy with my annoying quirks… but he was undeterred. He definitely has me outdone on the annoying quirks front! 🙂

Gosh, am I happy to have met him. He is an angel in my life. And you would think that after years of annoying each other, the beauty would have worn off… but it certainly has not. It is merely validated to me each time I speak with him that he is one of the truly good men in the world. And we can add to his attributes that he is an amazing father. Gabby just drools all over him. Literally.

But Gabby drools all over everything, so perhaps that’s not a good judge of character.

I’m very happy. Happier than I’ve been in God knows how long. I have HOPE for the future, which is something I haven’t experienced in so long I stopped remembering how it felt.

It feels like sunshine and lollipops.

And I was thinking… I have enough money, and resources, and friends, and an uncanny ability to get random jobs… that I could probably extend this trip for… at least a couple years.