Raleigh, North Carolina

Drove into Raleigh around 11 o’clock last night, after leaving Jeanmarie’s at 10:00 AM. It was the longest day of driving I’ve ever experienced, especially by myself. However, looking back on it today, it was positively wonderful. As I mentioned earlier, I barely listened to music, and I spent my time being quiet and still, stopping occasionally to take pictures. Panda got an attitude towards the end, but the bitch didn’t have to drive so I have no idea what her issue was.

Slept like a baby last night, then woke around eleven to start the day. Corey took me to Starbucks to grab a frappachino while Laura took Gabby to the doctors (where they found she has a throat and ear infection). When they got home, we all headed over to the mall to run a couple errands (I sat in the back seat and made faces at Gabs) then afterwards we grabbed some lunch. When we got home, we relaxed, then took a walk (Gabby in the BabyBjorn) around the premises where they live. It was a nice little jaunt involving big fish and turtles and sunlight on water. A little bit ago, Corey made me some delicious (I mean yummy yummy) eggplant Parmesan. Overall, it has been a peaceful and wonderful day.

The current temptation is the Dairy Queen down the road.