Farewell, Sturbridge, MA

I was supposed to leave in a half hour. Considering that I’m not showered, the car’s not packed, and in other words I’m not remotely ready, I’m assuming that I’ll leave in… a while. The point is, I’m leaving. Eventually.

Panda’s really upset that I haven’t spoken about her yet. Panda is my panda bear (I’d call her a stuffed panda bear, but she is sensitive about that). She is going to be my companion on this ridiculous road trip of mine. So consider this a forewarning that as time goes on… my relationship with her will probably become closer and you will hear far too much about her.

What I’m trying to casually say but failing is that Panda is very real to me, and I love her, and sometimes our relationship might appear a bit schizophrenic… or something. 😛

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to write a little something before I left. I wasn’t expecting it to be profound or inspiring, since I’m still waking up and I have a million other things on my mind.

I’m going to miss this silly place, as much as I currently can’t stand it. Especially my house, and my room – for that’s my safe place. But it’s true that I barely ever leave my room, because the outside world here has lost all beauty. So as much as I will miss the comfort… the safety… I will not miss the slow fading of my soul.

See- that was deep, right? Haha.

First stop: Jeanmarie. My dear writer friend is allowing me refuge in her humble abode in the Pennsylvania mountains. We have yet to meet in person, and I am very excited about it. We’re going to sip tea and talk about the things that matter.

Good bye, my friends. Although you will remain no further away from me as you are now. So more appropriate would perhaps be… Goodbye, my room and my security and the suffocation of my Self.

I need to just shut up and get packing.